Blessing Incense Powder by Lucky Mojo Curio Co.


Used to bless a baby, for new ventures, new homes, and for healing. 

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“Augmented with sincere prayer, blessings can be used to purify yourself or your home, to relieve suffering and bring spiritual healing to one who is troubled in mind or body, and to invoke Heaven’s favour on new ventures. God works wonders, and our prayers go with you, but we offer traditional BLESSING products as Curios only.” — The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue
Lucky Mojo’s hand blend incense contain genuine herbs, roots, minerals, and botanical fragrances based upon Southern folk magic tradition of Hoodoo, Conjure, or Rootwork. Comes in a foil packet with vivid graphic labels.
We make no claims for Blessing Incense Powder by Lucky Mojo Curio Co., and sell it as a curio only.

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