This service is excellent for those who are unable to burn their own vigils or those that need a backup light for their work. Once you have selected the candle you would like to have set, Papa Newt will begin dressing the candles with oils and herbs, attaching your petition, and praying over each candle on your behalf. A candle report will be sent to you once the light has finished giving you an interpretation of the outcome based on old techniques of ceromancy, the art of divining with wax. $25.00 per candle with discounted pricing for a longer run of candles.

Sending Your Petition

Each Candle Service will have a message area for you to write your Petition. Please provide the name of the parties involved, birthdates if applicable, and your request about the situation.

Petitions are required at the time of purchasing the service, and no petitions will be accepted by email or other forms of communication.

Sending Pictures

If you would like to have a photo to go with your candles, please email us with the pictures attached.

In the subject line, please write PICTURES FOR CANDLE PETITION.

You are welcome to send pictures by mail, but please note that your candle will not be lit until they have arrived. Any photos sent by mail will not be returned, and advise to not send the original.

Setting Runs of Candles

To have more than one candle to be lit one after the other, you can do so by selecting the number of candles to be burned. We do have runs of 3, 5, 7, 9, and 13 candle runs with a discounted price.

All candles for that run will be dressed and prayed over. Your petition will be moved to each candle after the one before it has completed. Once the entire run of candles have finished is when a candle report will be typed up and sent to your email.

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