Raves and Reviews

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I’ve had several readings from Papa Newt. Each has been insightful and thought-provoking, bringing awareness and hope. I can honestly say that I am a better person for these encounters. Thank you! – Kalisara

Papa Newt possesses that rare combination of an astute ear and quick understanding both of which make for clear divination that is needed for solid rootwork advice. It is one matter to read tarot and entirely another to do so in such fashion that difficult truths are shared with kindness and compassion without judgment attached. Simply put Papa rocks and after following his prescription and insight not only do I feel better but am able to know with certainty that I am capable and responsible for my well being. I highly recommend seeking him out for both divination and rootwork. The recommendations were not unduly complicated or expensive to carry out either. With highest regards, Elizabeth, IA

Dear Papa Newt,

Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy, and talents with me. It was nothing short of a divine blessing! You helped me so much by allowing me to gain insight and showing me a new way to address issues. I used the techniques that evening on something that had been bothering me for a long time and it worked! I feel amazing! Just being in your presence was a gift and I am incredibly thankful.

Forever grateful,

Kate W.

Papa Newt,

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Not only did you listen to the entire situation, but also took the time to give considered advice that resided within my comfort levels, both spiritually and pocketbook wise. So many practitioners give suggestion without considering those most important aspects. Your suggestions have been used to excellent effect, and I am grateful.

With Love and Light,

~Selena, NE

After receiving my second bone reading from Papa Newt I realized that I had to write a review. I was unaware of this form of divination when I was introduced to it in the Winter of 2012. His reading pinpointed on some really accurate things that I had been pondering quietly for a while. My second was after a major crisis. After a rather unpleasant spiritual experience, and talking with close friends, Papa Newt’s name came up as a perfect person to speak with about my experience. With receiving such an accurate reading the first time, I came back for more advice. Papa Newt wasted no time delving into the task at hand. I found him to be very knowledgeable about many different kinds of practice on our spiritual side of things. He was able to give me personal advice that he had learned to help expand my own knowledge. Again the Bones answered everything I had on my mind and accurately gave insight into a problem that was coming up in the future. He has remained in contact with me during the process that he had suggested I do and has been nothing but supportive. I have no idea where I would be without his guidance.
Now, being a reader myself, I know when someone goes the extra mile for their clients. Papa Newt gave me a solution to help fix the problem that was coming into being. All I know is that if I hadn’t had that reading I would have been blindsided and now I’m well prepared. I truly was a treat to have this experience. Thank You!

Megan, NE0

Papa Newt is The Man! I was lucky enough to have been selected randomly for a Bone Reading by him and the results were astounding. He was not only accurate, thorough and kind, but he took extra time to answer all the questions I had, and offer insight that only experience can allow. I must give him props for not only being a great reader, but a wonderful man who is not only committed to his art, but also to working with people. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone seeking counsel on any number of issues and as I say, his Bone Reading skills are right on, and his interpretation was easy to understand, caring and thought provoking. If anyone out there is seeking services like this, I would offer Papa Newt’s work as high quality and very warm and knowledgeable. The man is not only in the know on this art form of divination, he is a wonderful man to speak with at length. And as much as he may be upset with me for this, since this was a one on one reading, he took the extra time to answer any questions I had concerning his methodology, and his interpretations. Come see Papa Newt and have your questions answered. He’s The Man! ~Jellyfish Rising

Frank, TX

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