Reading Special to Help Rebuild MISC

This special is to help raise money to rebuild the Missionary Independent Spiritualist Church (M.I.S.C.). 100% of the money from this reading special will go towards the efforts to rebuild the world’s smallest church.

Not wanting a spiritual consultation but still want to help out? Please visit their Rebuild M.I.S.C. GoFundMe page, organised by Deacon Millett, to make a donation.

A 15-minute spiritual consultation with Papa Newt is perfect for when you have just one or two straightforward and simple question. This brief session allows for quick and straight-to-the-point answers.

As this is an effort to help raise money to rebuild the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church (M.I.S.C.) in Forestville, CA,  please be aware that this booking cannot be cancelled or refunded. If the date and time don’t work out, please contact Papa Newt and he will be more than happy to work with you in finding a better time and date.

Please note that I am located in the Central Time Zone in Nebraska. I appreciate your taking any time differences into consideration when booking your appointment.