Lucky Mojo Oil by Lucky Mojo Curio Co.


An all-purpose lucky combination for gamblers and anyone in need of luck.

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“Lucky Mojo is the flagship formula of the entire Lucky Mojo line of Spiritual Supplies. Our company;s good name — and our commitment to traditional craftsmanship of hoodoo goods and products — is based upon this time-honoured title and the funky but charming early 20th century image of Mojo, the turbaned boy who brings good luck to all who apply to him.” — The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue

Lucky Mojo’s handmade oils contain genuine herbs, roots, minerals, and botanical fragrances based upon Southern folk magic tradition of Hoodoo, Conjure, or Rootwork. Each oil is in 1/2 ounce bottles with vivid graphic labels.
We make no claims for Lucky Mojo Oil by Lucky Mojo Curio Co., and sell it as a curio only.